Car Detailing

At Chandler's Detail Plus, we offer three packages to choose from. We also offer an a la carte option for cleaning. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that all prices listed are subject to change due to dirtiness or size of vehicle. A small fee will be added for Vans, SUVs and Full-Size Pickups. Please see details below on specific prices.



Package includes:

Thorough pressure wash to remove large contaminants and debris from vehicle exterior.

Exterior of vehicle is gently hand-washed using a paint and wax safe automotive soap, then towel dried.

Wheel wells are high pressure cleaned.

Tires are degreased, followed by high-cling tire shine for a bright shine that will last.

Wheel wells are cleaned and wiped.

Door jambs are cleaned and wiped.

Windows washed inside and out.

Interior is meticulously vacuumed, including cargo/trunk areas and all floor mats (up to two sets).

Interior dashboard, consoles, gauges, mirrors, instrument panels and door panels are wiped and dusted (no brushes are used).

Floor mats are cleaned using high-pressure.

*Vans, SUVs and Full-size Pickups, add $25.00



Package includes:

Instrument panel, gauges, vents, sun visors, steering wheel, steering column, center console and door panels are meticulously cleaned and detailed (brushes and other tools are used).

Entire vehicle is vacuumed and shampooed using a hot water extraction process, including cargo/trunk areas (if personal items are removed) and floor mats (up to two sets).

All leather surfaces are first cleaned using specific solutions and then conditioner is used to bring back surface shine and protect surfaces.

Windows and mirrors are cleaned of all dirt, grime and streaks and spot-free (water spot and acid rain etching not included).

*Vans, SUVs and Full-size Pickups, add $35.00



Package includes:

Everything listed in Interior Detail and Mini Detail.

All painted surfaces receive a coat of polish using an orbital buffer for machine-quality finish.

Wheel faces are hand-washed and waxed (no polishing or buffing).

Tires are degreased, followed by a high-cling tire shine for a bright shine that will last.

*Vans, SUVs and Full-size Pickups, add $55.00

*Pickup toppers are an extra $35.00